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Who Should Read This Book?.

Let me ask you some questions so you don't waste your time:

  • Do you experience fears, doubts, nervousness and even self sabotage in your sport?

  • Are you bothered by Problems, Frustrations and Concerns that you can't solve and nobody can help you with?

  • Do you experience problems controlling your training and performance to the level that you would like?

  • Do you experience training and performance slumps where nothing seems to work for you even though you train hard, get into great shape and make all the sacrifices?

  • Do you have a hard time achieving and maintaining your speed?

  • Do you experience OFF days where nothing seems to work?

  • Is your Timing off... where nothing seems to work for you at the right time and at the right place?

  • Do you experience a great performance one day and then you can't seem to replicate it again... and it doesn't matter how hard you train?

  • Do you have a hard time Controlling your training and performance level on a consistent level?

  • Do you have a hard time to Diagnose, Pinpoint and Solve your worst training and performance problems?

If you answered
YES to one or even all of the above questions, then this book is perfect for YOU!

.Here's Is Who I Am....


          Victor Cormier

Creator of "Mr. Fix-It For Sports"

Dear Athlete or Coach:

My name is Victor Cormier a past regional, national and international karate champion for Team Canada.

It took over 16 years to develop what is now called "Mr. Fix-It For Sports". This system has been customized to all major sports. The improvements achieved have been between 5% -50% within a few minutes to a couple of hours training.

In this case I can't promise you that your performance will increase between 5% - 50%...but what I can promise you, is that you'll be able to instantly Control & Master the 9 Secrets of the "Mr. Fix-It For Sports" for you to achieve Peak performance in your sport.

I know the above claims are hard to believe and if I were you, I would be thinking the same way...but let me explain….

Does it mean that you'll be able to increase your
Timing, Speed, Rhythm, Reflex, Body Mechanics and Mental focus by 5%-50%? The answer is NO... not for everybody... In our research we've discovered the improvements are in different percentages for different athletes. Some athletes will only have to improve a small percentage and others will improve to higher levels.

It will give you the key secret tools to enable you to achieve your best performance that is humanly possible for your sport. Some athletes have increased their power by 50%...others their balance by 62%... in some cases, they've been able to increase their speed by 1%-2%...

What is important to realize is you might only need a very small improvement in your performance to enable you to win in your sport.

Remember the difference between the athlete that came in first place and you coming in 2nd place might be a difference of 1/1000 of a second!

Really the percentage isn't important because you'll only be able to achieve your best level that is humanly possible. The system will allow you to instantly achieve Peak Performance in training and during competition while giving you the Control and Consistency of a champion.

.Here's What I've Got & What.It Will Do For YOU...

What Is "Mr. Fix-It For Sports"?
"Mr. Fix-It For Sports" is a training system that enables athletes to control their Mental Focus, Speed, Timing, Rhythm, Reflex, Body Mechanics, Power, Balance and Breathing.

It helps any athlete or coach to instantly Diagnose, Pinpoint and Solve their worst training and performance Problems, Frustrations and Concerns at lightning speed.

It teaches athletes is how to control their mind in order for them to eliminate their fears, doubts, nervousness, self sabotage in order for them to control their thought process.

The system will teach you to control all aspects of your Body Mechanics, Power, Balance and Breathing.

The third thing that it will teach you is about how Speed, Timing, Rhythm and Reflex works in order for you to achieve and maintain peak performance in your favorite sport.

Why Should YOU Listen To Me?
The reason you should listen to me is because I've experienced all the same problems, frustrations and concerns that millions of athletes go through on a daily basis and I've figured out a system that will eliminate those problems up to a 95% level.

It took me over 16 years to develop and perfect this training system that works in all major sports with results that would convince the worst skeptic.

Who Else Used This System?
We've experimented using the "Mr. Fix It For Sports" system in sports such as: Basketball, Running, Baseball, Football, Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Swimming, Fencing, Boxing, Karate and many other sports.

We've discovered, it doesn't matter what your sport is, an individual or team, the system will work to give you instant results.

What Kind Of Results Can YOU Expect?
We've seen results between 5%-50% within a few minutes to a couple of hours training the system.

The most important thing to remember is the athletes that were exposed to the system were able to overcome their worst problem, frustration and concern they experienced in their sport... at the most in just a few days of training.

The great thing about the system is it doesn't matter if your are a beginner, intermediate, elite or even professional because it will work for everybody. Also is doesn't matter if you're 6 or 65 years of age because this system will also work for you.

Why Is This System So Unique?
This system is unique because it will help athletes and coaches to instantly solve some of the worst training and performance problems at lightning speed.

Let me ask you a question: The next time to talk to some experts and gurus in your sport maybe you should ask them the W-5 and HOW. The W-5 is the Who, What, When, Where and Why and HOW. You should make sure they can answer the W-5 and HOW in whatever information or training they are giving you because you don't want to waste your time, energy and money if they can't!

Ask them how you can control your Mental Focus, Body Mechanics, Power, Balance, Breathing, Speed, Timing, Rhythm and Reflex.

I know what the answers are because I've gone to see the experts and gurus and basically the only thing they can really advise you is: ...to train hard, get into great shape, practice your movement and techniques for thousands of repetition and eventually within time things will automatically work themselves out for you!

If you were to ask me the W-5 and HOW then I could instantly give your the knowledge and information to solve your worst training and performance problems now and not in 6 months or 6 years with some kind of BS information that doesn't work.

We've managed to solve up to 90%-95% of training and performance problems up to now and we can do the same for you.

Simple, Easy-To-Use And Implement In Any Sport!
"Mr. Fix-It For Sports" is a simple system that is easy-to-use and that can be implemented in any sport.
It doesn't matter if you are 6 or 65 years of age and it doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, elite or even professional because as soon as you use the system, you'll get instant results.

This Book Might The Solution You're Looking For!
I know that every athlete and coach has problems, frustrations and concerns they would like to solve once and for all.
Although you might be skeptical and not believe that my system can help you but what if it could solve some of your problems that have been bothering you, maybe for years and nobody up to now has ever been able to solve.

The Choice Is Yours!
I can't make the decision for you and nobody can.

You can continue to experience the same problems, frustrations or concerns in your sport... or you can make a simple decision and buy my book that will teach you a system that can solve up to 90-95% of your problems once and for all.

You Can Download The Book Instantly To Your Computer!
After your purchase you will be able to instantly download my book to your computer. This means you won't have to wait for any shipping delays and you'll be able to access all the information in the book while being able to print the most important parts of the book...


You can download your own eBook for only $19.97 introductory price. Pay by "ClickBank"secure server.

After reading this book and following the instructions, you'll be able to instantly apply the techniques to increase your performance at peak levels in favorite sport.

You can even Cheat by using this method because it's completely legal, ethical and nobody will ever know how you're doing it.

You will be faster... use less energy... effortless in practicing and performing your movements, while experiencing being in ZONE or FLOW on a natural level automatically.

Here's What I Would Like You To Do Next...

You can learn how the formula and the system of "Mr. Fix-It For Sports" works right now.

I am offering you an introductory price for a limited time period. This is my way of saying thanks for trying my system. I reserve the right to change the following pricing at any item.

**My friends are telling me that I'm crazy to offer such a low price but I want to make sure that all athletes can afford my system. I too remember when I was a struggling athlete!... At the discount below, it's a real steal for the thousands of dollars of information that's included in this offer. Give yourself or someone else the gift of knowledge for a life time!**


You can download your own eBook for only $19.97 introductory price. Pay by "ClickBank"secure server.

Do it NOW...and start improving your sport to the level that you want and deserve!


Here is my promise to you:

"If you don't improve a minimum of 5%-10% instantly in the areas of: Speed...Timing...Rhythm...Reflex...Power...Balance...
Body Mechanics...and Mental Focus just send me an e-mail requesting your money back!

No ifs...ands or buts...no hassles and we wish you all the best in your sport with our blessings."
Victor J. Cormier


. If You Are Hesitating, Please Read...

I am not here to convince you of anything...

Either you want to improve your sport or you don't!

Think about this for a second: What has all the hard work... getting into great shape... practicing your techniques for thousands of times given you so far? If it leaves you HOPING that you'll peak at the right time without any CONTROL of anything, then maybe you should allow yourself to check my stuff out for yourself.

I don't care if you're a 6 years old or 60... or even if you're a Beginner... Advanced... Elite.... or Professional athlete.

The system is Simple, Easy, Fun and is the most Powerful system in the world.

I was reluctant in releasing my system because I can only solve up to 95% of Training and Performance problems that athletes want to get rid off. I never wanted to release my system because I wanted a 100% success rate... but I guess nothing is perfect. I get a constant request from athletes and coaches, in all sports, to teach them my system.

I know how athletes feel and it's the reason I developed the "Mr. Fix-It For Sports" system to eliminate those Problems... Frustrations... and Concerns that millions of athletes are going through and desperately want to solve once and for all.

If you're happy with the results you're experiencing... then don't even try my system and we wish all the best in your sport.

Remember: I offer a 100% money back guarantee... no ifs... ands... or buts. If you're not satisfied for any reason that my system can't produce the results that you want, then I will refund your money...NO QUESTIONS ASKED... and I sincerely wish you all the best in your sport.


You can download your own eBook for only $19.97 introductory price. Pay by "ClickBank"secure server.


Victor J. Cormier
Creator of "Mr. Fix-It For Sports"
22 Westmount Blvd, Suite #
Moncton, NB
Canada E1E-4M9

PS1 ...Think about it... you can learn the secrets of the most perfect sport's training system in the world.

PS2 ...What do you have to lose? If what you've been using isn't working in your sport, then why not try a proven step-by-step system that will guarantee you INSTANT results.

PS3... Don't be left behind...get a jump start on other athletes...be the first to gain all the advantages that millions of athletes would love to learn and experience in their sport.

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